hoping for a water birth

Sunday, June 29, 2014

i never considered water birth until talking with my friend j. she's the reason for me switching hospital as well :) i didn't know a lot about water births prior to talking with her. after talking with her, i was quite intrigued.

there is so much that you can read on water birthing here, here and here.

bd and i took the water birthing class a couple weeks ago in preparation for the big day. in order to actually have a water birth, you have to take the class and meet a lot of criteria on the day of birth. if something is slightly off, then you can't, for liability purpose.

water birthing is supposed to be more comfortable for the mother and since the "plan" is for me to go epi-free, the water is supposed to help with the pain and the whole laboring process. fingers crossed that all goes well, and we can have a water birth.

37 weeks, day 4

my feet is starting to swell a bit, but not too much so far. let's hope that continues to be the case!

in the meantime, have you seen this video? a coworker told me about it and i thought it was absolutely hilarious and a good eye-opener for the partners in our life who aren't going to be going through labor.


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