What's Up With Us?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Brandon. He's been working so hard, not just at work, but at home. He's had to work some really late nights, and has been building his team at work in order to have a great functioning accounting department. I'm absolutely amazed by what he has been doing, and he's an inspiration for me. He's also been a great help at home, especially with my new adventure (which I will update you on below).
Mason. This little boy of mine is growing up so fast! He's learning so many words and so many things. Every day he absolutely amazes me! He recently started building puzzles, and he is so smart. He associates the colors together, and has been able to do kids puzzles all by himself. He loves to color, and he still loves the Daddy Finger song. He can't help but move his fingers when that song comes on, or when I sing it. He loves to play at the Chick-Fil-A play area when we go there. He is a fast one, and we are constantly having to chase after him. I love this boy of mine.

Waverly. She is absolutely a dream. I love my little bunny, my little apple pie! She's the sweetest, and loves to look around. Everything goes into her mouth, and we definitely have to be careful with Mason's toys. She's started crawling everywhere! She can sit up from laying on her tummy, and has even started pulling herself up on things! I just can't believe how fast this chick is growing!
Me. Where do I start?!!! Work is going well. Crazy, but I love all my clients, and I believe in all that they do. I'm so blessed to have great clients. I also started selling LulaRoe! I know, crazy right? If you are interested in joining my group, click here. I absolutely love the clothes. It really is the perfect mix of comfort + cute. Juggling everything, job, LulaRoe, husband, and kids is really crazy, but I love all the craziness. 
I am super excited for this summer. This winter has been quite grey so I'm super excited for long, sunny days!


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