Her Birth Story

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I was so unprepared for her. I thought surely she would come a week early like her brother, but she came two weeks early! Here is the story of the day she came into the world.

9:00AM It started out as most ordinary Sundays. Well, maybe not most ordinary Sundays since I snoozed, knowing that we would miss the first hour of church. I had wanted to go since I hadn't bore my testimony in church, and was thinking about bearing my testimony that Sunday. Anyways, by the time I got up, I knew we wouldn't make it to the first hour. I got up, got myself ready, then woke Brandon up while I got Mason ready for church. 

10:15AM We finally made it to church. Mason was having a difficult time in nursery so I sat on the floor while he played around me. On the drive to church, I had been feeling some cramps, but wasn't sure if it was a big deal. As I was sitting with Mason, I started to wonder whether I was having contractions or not.

11:20AM I left nursery, and went to Relief Society. That's when I started feeling the cramps intensify, and decided to start timing the contractions. I texted Brandon that I thought I was having contractions, and that maybe today is the day. It started getting worse, and I thought that maybe I should leave church, but wasn't sure since if I left church, and it was a false alarm, I would be disappointed. The contractions kept going until church ended.

12:30PM We got home and started packing our things for the hospital. I called my midwife, and she suggested walking, and seeing if my contractions are closer together. They were about 4-6 minutes apart. It wasn't very consistent. We walked around the neighborhood, and the contractions became 3 minutes apart. It was getting intense, and we were having to stop until it passed. Once we got home, I called the midwife again, and decided it was time to go in. We had called our cousin, and when they got to our house, we set out for the hospital.

Before I had Mason, I had biscuits & gravy from Hardees. I know, so random! But I worked at Hardees growing up, and always loved their biscuits & gravy. I wasn't sure of a Hardees around here, but was intent on eating some sort of biscuits & gravy. We thought about stopping at Kitchen Table so I could do my ritualistic feed, but with the contractions, we decided against it. We stopped at McDonalds so we could grab some food.

2:30PM We finally got to the hospital, and Brandon parked out front, and then helped me upstairs. Once we got upstairs, Brandon went back to the car to go park it, and bring our food back up since we left everything in the car. My midwife checked me, and I was already at a 7! I cried, realizing that that day was going to be her birth day. Two weeks early! And a part of me wasn't quite ready for it. I was just so nervous, and I didn't even have a name yet, and didn't want to do any pushing! I mean, it was the Sabbath Day - a day of rest! I just wanted to rest! When Brandon got back with the food, the midwife told him, no food!

At this point, the contractions were hitting hard so the hospital staff had to wheel me on the stretcher. Yes, it was that intense! We got to the labor room, and the hospital staff started filling the tub up with water. Similar to Mason's, I had opted again for a water birth. I moved to the rocking chair and the nurse got me a grape popsicle. Around this time, my midwife had me moved to the tub. Seriously, the contractions suck, but in between, the water felt so so so good. I was right where I was again with Mason - zoned out and in peace.

My water still hadn't broken on its own so Brandon and I decided that we would have the nurse break my water. Well, we had a bit of a hiccup when I was getting out of the tub. I couldn't! Every time I tried to climb out of the tub, my contractions worsened. Finally, I was able to get out. This concerned my midwife, and she thought it was best for me to have our baby not in the tub, but on land. I didn't argue with this.

At this point, the midwife checked, and I was at an 8. She broke my water, and the contractions worsened. There were issues with my cervix, and it was basically not allowing our baby to come out. When her head finally popped out, the umbilical cord was around her neck twice. I remember the midwife telling me to not push anymore, but my body was doing its own thing. The midwife was able to cut the cord so that our baby can breathe.

5:32PM After what seemed like forever, she finally made it through the birth canal, and we got to see our baby girl. It was weird to see all that hair on her head since Mason was bald at birth, and for quite a while. She was a bit bruised on her face due to the fast labor. She tested well, and the cord didn't affect her at all, which was what we were worried about.

She came into the world at 6 pounds and 11 ounces and 18 inches. It's unbelievable that she's been with us for 2 weeks now. She's absolutely beautiful, and I have truly forgotten how good they smell. She's getting more alert, and I just love having her around.


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