Stop & Smell the Cows

Friday, May 8, 2015

Last night, one of the ladies here stopped by & brought me some fresh grape juice. I'm sitting here, drinking the yummy grape juice, and thinking that this place is growing on me. I really like the slower pace here, and there isn't much to do so you end up just being. I'm not much for just sitting here doing nothing, but without a choice, I'm just taking things easy. The weather is beautiful as usual, and the backyard here is awesome. It helped us really decide that we want a yard for our house.

This morning, we joined some ladies for a walk, and they were all so sweet. The conversations were good, and learning how they all ended up here was very interesting. I have a tendency to prejudge my environments, and I'm glad I'm giving this place another chance because meeting these ladies have been great. And I'm glad that I came back here.

We are slowly getting into the rhythm of things here. Wake up, feed Mason, play, run errands, Mason takes a nap, I work or clean, he wakes up, and we start again until Brandon gets home. I miss cooking for Brandon so that has been fun. I like the simpleness of our days sometimes. Other days, I miss working, and the busyness of it. The go, go, go.

But in the mean time, I'm going to stop and smell the cows.

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