My Little Baby

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sometimes I forget how young Mason still is. Now that he's walking around, signaling when he wants something, saying little words like mama, a part of me feels like he comprehends what I am saying and what is happening around him. I just keep forgetting that at the end of the day, he is still my little baby, and I love that.

Earlier today, we were on our way back from the grocery store, and he had a poopy diaper, and he hadn't had a nap, and he just started wailing in the backseat. I sung to him and the cries just kept getting louder. I explained to him that we were getting closer and he wouldn't listen to reasoning.

He was still a baby, and though he was learning a lot, he still listened to his needs first and foremost, and those controlled his actions. We got home, and got all that needed to be taken care of, and I plopped him down for a nap that he didn't know he needed. And so, the house is quiet, and I can clean up, and by clean up, I mean online shopping and blogging :) Sorry Brandon!


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