mw: five months

Monday, December 22, 2014

i can't believe my little pumpkin is turning into a big pumpkin! the past five months have been extremely difficult, but also so much fun. we are completely enamored of this little guy. he's changing so much!
-he loves bananas.
-he's starting to grab things: ornaments, clothes, his bottle, my hair, just to name a few.
-he loves to smile and laugh.
-he loves to talk.
-he loves the color red.
-he's outgrowing his tub.
-he sleeps from 9pm to 5am. he's our alarm clock, even on the weekend (unfortunately).
-lately when he wakes up, he'll poke his head and look around. it's the cutest little thing ever.
-he hasn't rolled over yet. he keeps getting stuck in the middle.
-he's a thumb sucker. i don't give him the pacifier but he's resort to his thumb.
-he's drooling a lot, but no sign of teeth yet.
-he moves a lot, and can't sit still.
-he loves to look around, and look at his environment.
we love him so very, very much & we can't wait to celebrate his first christmas!!!

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