this is christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014

christmas just comes and goes as it pleases! or so it seems. and every year, it passes by faster, and faster. i wish i can just bottle up christmas for hard days during the year. december is really one of my favorite months. i love the lights, the spirit, the family time, the love, the feeling of cohesiveness.
we had a really good christmas day! we opened presents, and then made a nice breakfast of french toast & biscuits & gravy. i love biscuits & gravy, and it is so unhealthy, but so yummy. i've been looking for the perfect recipe, and although i'm still trying to perfect it, the recipe turned out pretty darn good. in the afternoon, we went & played some volleyball. christmas just doesn't sound very complete without volleyball around here ;) later that evening, we went over to our friend's house, cooked a bunch of food, ate and played lots of games.
let's remember to keep the holiday spirit because it ain't over yet!!!
merry christmas!

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