Our First Date Night...Since Forever Ago

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The picture above was from September 2014 and taken by my late sister in law. I realized I did not even get a picture of us from our date night last week. And if I didn't, does that mean it didn't happen? ;) 

It actually wasn't forever ago. We did go out to dinner on our birthdays, but I don't really count that as a date night. Anyways, I had never really considered date nights before. I honestly didn't feel like they were necessary. I thought I didn't need that time, and I thought the two of us hanging out with Mason was fine. However, after reading one of our cousin's blog post on date nights, I started considering it more. I was slowly losing myself in taking care of Mason. I didn't know what to talk to Brandon sometimes, and honestly, sometimes I still don't. I was always wanting to hear about Brandon's day, and my day seemed to pale in comparison. It seemed like our life revolved around Mason, and though Mason is super important, I knew that we needed to nurture our relationship too. In order to be the best parents to Mason (and our second one on the way), we needed that time away, and even though our first date night included a lot of discussions about Mason, I appreciated the time that we had together to just be us again, and not to have to worry about what he will eat at the restaurant, or if he will make a big mess. 

I'm super excited for our next date night. If you have any fun date night ideas, please let me know! I really want to do more things, other than just dinner. Hiking, bowling, golfing, etc.


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