To-Do Before Baby #2

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Two more months! How we got here, I know not. But all of a sudden, it's nearly time. When I think in terms of months, it seems like a long time left, but when I think about the fact that I'm already 32 weeks, ekkkkk! Freak out moment!

These are the things I need to do before Baby #2 comes:

1. Freezer meals. Our fridge is so tiny, but I'm hoping to get some freezer meals prepped and in the freezer for the days that I won't be able to cook. Of course, I'm sure there will be lots of pizza deliveries, Panera runs, etc.

2. Hospital Bag & Baby Bag. I haven't even put together mine and the baby's bag yet! Must, must do! Since this is #2, there are definitely a few things that I am adding to my bag that I didn't before with Mason.

3. Stroller. And double stroller at that. I thought about foregoing the double stroller until after the baby, but let's be honest, how in the world will I have time? And one of my friends has one that I think I will get.

4. Carseat. I initially thought about reusing Mason's carseat and upgrading his, but after some thought, I decided that the baby needs a new one. Mason's car seat is quite a mess with all the food he consumes in the car. Cookies, bars, crackers, fruit snacks. Not all of them goes in his mouth.

5. Coping mechanisms. I have to do more research on coping mechanisms since I really want this labor to go more smoothly, and I really want to be more in tune with my body this time around.

6. Birth Plan. Having a birth plan was what allowed me to have Mason naturally, and so it's super important for me to have these printed out, and have them for the nurse and the midwife when I'm at the hospital. In the very hardest contraction moments, I will need a midwife who can stay firm with my wishes.

7. Baby clothes. Can you believe I have not bought any baby girl clothes yet?!!! I know, I'm crazy. I'm super stoked, but I just haven't even gotten around to thinking about it.

8. Setting up baby stations. Mason and I spend a lot of time upstairs and downstairs, which means that I need baby stations in both places, accessible to diapers and wipes, outfits, etc. I have both a baby swing and a rock n play so I plan to keep one upstairs and one downstairs. I will have the bassinet in our room for a while until she is bigger. Speaking of which.

9. Getting their room set up. Yes, Mason and his sister are sharing a space. I wanted to keep the guest room separate so I figure they can share a room for a while. This means rearranging the crib and Mason's bed and figuring out decorating so that Mason will still feel like he has his own space. His sister will be in a room for a while, but I don't want the baby's stuff to overtake Mason's space so I'll have to do some decorating to make sure he still feels like he has a space of his own.

10. Chicken diet. Yes, I'll do the chicken diet again this time. This diet helped me drop the weight so fast last time, and I'm hoping it'll help again this time. Not to mention that it was super yummy.

Is there anything else that I'm missing? Or should be thinking about. These are the things that's been on my mind lately that I still need to do. Let me know if I forgot something.

Thanks for reading!


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