the best infant tub

Saturday, September 20, 2014

to be fair, mw is my first & i have yet to try a lot of different tubs. this was my first reach, after reading the reviews online and looking at it in person. as a first time mom, there are a lot of cool stuff out there, and a lot of the times, it's all about preference. what works for some moms might not work for others, no matter how great the product is.
however, after using the 4 moms infant tub, i have to declare this as the best infant tub because of a lot of helpful features. first and definitely at the top of my list is the temperature gauge. although i knew what felt comfortable to me as far as the water temperature was concerned, i wasn't really sure what would be optimal for mw. there is a range of temperatures that is optimal for a baby and anytime you go over that, the tub will start beeping to let you know which is nice because whenever we bathe him, we don't always look at the temperature gauge. secondly, the side drains (you can see that below) lets the dirty water out so that there is always clean water coming in and dirty water going out. this is nice so that we don't have to rinse him after using soap since the dirty water will go out and he's getting rinsed with clean water. one of the last features that we like is that it fit single and double sinks. our last place has double sinks and our current place also has double sinks so it makes giving him a bath much easier.

one complaint that i do have is the lack of support, especially when mw was tiny. bd just puts his hands under mw's head for support, but it would be nice to have an insert for more cushion.

happy bathing!


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