what's in a home

Saturday, September 27, 2014

we are slowly easing ourselves into this home. i've been complaining nonstop to bd and i am pretty sure he zones me out now, but this home is growing on me. i am still not fond of the bugs, and the yard. sometimes i love the space, and other time i don't. i am used to a small space with i can hear everything and know what is going on. but i guess when you live in a house, it's a little bit different. there are responsibilities. nobody will come change your lights for you, or come fix the toilet. there is definitely something to be said about living in an apartment.
i've been getting a whole bunch of bug bites. i am in major need of some scar cream because of course, i itched the heck out of the bites.

just practicing duck face!


  1. I'm with you! Houses are great but definitely come with added responsibility. Which... I choose not to deal with at times like these with new baby at home. Oh goodness, our yard looks terrible! Oh well! Hopefully the bugs get better. No fun at all!

    Ps- I updated & launched a new website:www.nwnightingale.com

    1. Agreed! Trying to decide whether to take on our yard ourselves or hire someone else!


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