A Mother's Intuition

Monday, September 7, 2015

When Mason was only a few weeks old, I came across a shared story on Facebook regarding a string getting caught around a baby's toe, and consequently, the child suffered horrifying injuries to the toe. That same night when I woke up around 2am or 3am to change Mason's diaper and feed him, I remembered that story, and thought, hmmmm, let me just see. I took off the little sock that covered his left foot, and peered down at each little toes, and examined each one carefully. While going through them, I saw that one of my hair strand had gotten wrapped around one little toe. I carefully took that strand off, and put his sock back. 

Not too long ago, I felt impressed to check the bottom of Mason's feet. It was just during the middle of the day while we were home, and he was watching television. It wasn't as though we had gone anywhere or he had played anywhere that I was concerned about. He wasn't in pain. He was playing around as he normally did. When I checked the bottom of his right foot, I saw that he had a visible splinter, and as I ran my finger on the bottom of his feet, I felt another splinter that was very tiny. I was able to get those splinters out, and I felt so bad for my little guy as splinters are the worst!!!

After these two incidents, I really do feel that a mother's intuition is so real. When I think about that hair strand, and those splinters, it makes me feel so bad for him, but for whatever reason, I did look and I am so glad that I did. I truly believe that moms have a gift and a connection with their children. I am so grateful to be Mason's mom, and I love my little guy so so much.


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