the cute boyfriend vs. the nice boyfriend

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This post isn't actually about boyfriends. It's about houses.

We thought we had decided. Our cute boyfriend was no longer available. He was literally off the market. We never even had a chance to be honest. He was perfect in almost every way. Almost. There were a few imperfections, but because he was so cute, we overlooked those things.

Well, our cute boyfriend came knocking late on Friday night. All of a sudden, he was available for our taking. We could have him if we wanted! It threw us into a frenzy. All of a sudden we started doubting that our decision to go with the nice boyfriend was a mistake. I mean, the cute boyfriend is cute! We went backed and looked at all the pictures of our cute boyfriend, and oh boy, he was so very cute. Every angle was perfection. And then we looked at our nice boyfriend, and we knew he was perfect on the inside, but we weren't sure if that will make our love for him grow.

If we went with the nice boyfriend, would we spend our nights thinking about our cute boyfriend? We didn't want to.

We were so confused, we scheduled to see both boyfriends on Saturday. One last time to walk with each one, and see how we felt inside.

We saw the cute boyfriend first, and oh boy, he was as perfect as we remembered. He was so very, very nice to look at. Absolutely stunning. And when we stepped inside, he was as we remembered. And for a minute, we forgot all his imperfections. We were blown away, and still so confused.

We later saw the nice boyfriend. He wasn't as cute as our cute boyfriend. But when we opened the door, he was as comfortable as we remembered. It felt right. We walked upstairs, and explored the other facets of him, and tried to not let our lingering memories of our cute boyfriend distract us. The nice boyfriend wasn't as cute, but we knew he would love us the way we wanted to be loved, and he would have the same visions as we did.

And so, we picked the nice boyfriend.

Yes, this post isn't about boyfriends, but it is about houses.


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