Mason Lately

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I won't even sugarcoat it. I baby my baby. He's growing up so, so fast.

He's taken a few steps, but doesn't rely on it entirely. When he needs to move fast, he resorts to his one legged crawl. It's a bit trippy watching him crawl like that. But it works for him and he can get away pretty fast. I admit that I don't work with him a lot on this, and I should. Our apartment is approximately 400 feet, 200 feet for the bathroom + bedroom and 200 feet for the kitchen + living room, so there is not a lot of room for him to do much crawling or walking. He is getting heavier each day, and grocery store trips aren't so fun, me trying to carry him and the groceries in.

I recently put him in a swim class. I know, I know. It may seem a little ridiculous, but we are just around so much water, and I know next summer, we will be out and about with a lot of water activities. I want to get him exposed to the water in a more controlled environment before he has to get into a free roaming environment. There are usually between 4 and 5 babies/kids there. The class is for children between 6 months up to 3 or so. Each parent is with their baby, and following the instructor's direction, we do different things with our baby. We've gone around the lazy river with the mats, blew bubbles, dunk the babies in the water (gently), teach them to get into the pool from the edge of the pool, etc. After this class, I'm considering a more serious class that will teach him to actually swim. I wanted this class first since I wanted him to be more comfortable in the pool first.

Mason is not a snuggler. Every once in a while, he may put his head down on your chest, but that happens rarely (I don't remember the last time this happened to me). The other night, we were hanging out with family, and he did that to his cousin. For about 30 seconds, he did that. So cute. And then off he goes again. He is so, so active. He loves to climb. Stairs, coffee tables, bins, bathtubs, couches, whatever he can reach with his little legs. If it's remotely possible, he'll stick his legs up to the side and try to push himself up.

I sure love him. More and more each and everyday.


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