It's been a long time coming

Friday, September 4, 2015

Brandon and I've been married for quite some time now. And he has been working so hard to learn my language. He's ordered books, CDs, and apps to help him learn, and yet he has been struggling because of the lack of materials out there. 

Our church stresses the importance of teaching gospel principles in the home, and I think this applies to many many other things as well. Throughout Brandon's self-learning process, I've been out of the formula. I've blamed it on work, but as someone else pointed out, it is my fault that he has not been able to learn my language. I speak Hmong, and yet I have not helped my husband learn my language. He's gone out on his own, and have tried so so hard, and I have just sat on the sideline. 

This week, I finally decided, I am going to help him as much as I can. I've put up labels around the house, and have created flashcards so that we can practice each evening. I've also been more conscientious in speaking Hmong around him and Mason. I want Mason to know how to speak Hmong and without Brandon knowing, it would be hard. I see kids whose parents are both Hmong struggle, so yes it will be a challenge if I'm the only one speaking Hmong to him. 

I'm excited, and I know that with my extra effort, Brandon and Mason will be able to speak Hmong as well. 



  1. I think this is awesome. Good luck to you guys! Just remember that it is possible. I mean..we learned english, didn't we? :D

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