Wisconsin Dells

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On one of our days out in Wisconsin, we made it out to the Wisconsin Dells. The weather wasn't as warm as we liked it to be, but it was an off day for my brother, so off we went. I had only heard about the Dells, oh the Dells. So I was excited to finally see what it's all about!

We got a great deal on tickets to Mt. Olympus, which is a super rad water park & resort. The clouds came & went. We so loved loved it!


I am not a big fan of roller coasters or rides such as this, but I wanted to capture a picture of it! Even the kid's version of this scares me. Haha!

Despite the cooler temperatures, Mason enjoyed being in the water, and splashing around. Good thing since we have swim lessons coming up soon for him!

This was such a nice area for smaller kids and babies. There was plenty of room for him to have fun in.

My brother took him down a baby slide. So cute!

My sweet brother took him on some little rides. 

The upside down White House

We walked around the Strip where the streets were filled to the brim with t-shirt stores. Mason slept for most of the walk, but it was nice to be all touristy.

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