What Being a Perfectionist Means

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm a perfectionist. In other words, nothing gets started, and nothing usually gets done. Ha! I'm concocting the perfect room, the perfect lamp, the perfect couch, the perfect etc, but since it's supposed to be perfect, the task is too daunting so I usually don't even begin to concoct it. Does anyone else have this problem?!!! It's killing my decorating, and I hate it!

We are slowly adding furniture, and when I say slowly, I mean, slooooowwwwwllllyyyyy. Slower than molasses, really. As of this moment, the accessorizing of the room has stopped since I'm waiting on the living room rug to come. I want to see how it will look with the sofa and love seat, then I can decide on the chairs that will also go in there. I also want a couple of poufs for little one seatings. Right now the living room is still quite plain, and of course, I can't add paintings yet, because THE RUG! Oh man, this darn rug. I'm excited though, and I sure hope this rug will make me happy. I read about half of the 300 reviews one night (you're probably thinking, wow, this chick has too much time on her hand), but I mean, THIS RUG IS GOING IN MY LIVING ROOM.

So hence, you can see why this is going to be a lifelong process. Decorating my house. I can't get this until I get that. I can't get that until I think about this. Are things going to match? But not too much because I don't want to get everything at the same place, or make it look like a magazine. I want a little modern, a little industrial, a little rustic. A little of everything.

Which wall will be my gallery wall? Should either side of the fireplace be symmetrical in terms of paintings? Or maybe shelvings? Or maybe just pictures of leaves? Am I being minimalist enough? Am I adding enough colors? Is this boring? Is there too much going on? Is this muted? Is this trying too hard? Is this? Is that? Is the other?

I think you get the point now :) Hence, why this will take a while. But then again, we had very little to work with. So bear with me. Some pictures next week, I promise.


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