this week's to-do

Monday, October 5, 2015

At the stores, I'm seeing pumpkins, and costumes, and decorations everywhere. I've got a couple of weeks, but around here, things take a little longer than usual nowadays. So here's the things that I must, must get done this week!

1. Figure out costumes for our family. Or maybe just Mason. Mason first and foremost, and if there is extra time, maybe us as well. All suggestions welcome!
2. Decide on a local attraction for a membership. There are so many fun things that we have enjoyed, and would continue to enjoy, but I'm going to limit us to one membership right now, and see how that goes. 
3. Plan out our October. I'm such a planner and yet, looking at my calendar, crickets. We are set to move towards the end of the month so that will keep us busy, but I usually like to have some things penciled in for us to do.

Happy Monday!


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