Give of Your Love Freely

Saturday, October 17, 2015

This week came and went. We received unexpected news Sunday night. Our little family was face timing my mother in law, and just chatting. All of a sudden, my father in law told us that my sister in law was in the hospital, and she was unconscious. Things happened so fast. We weren't sure what to expect. Brandon cried. We packed our bags, and headed towards Seattle. People called, we talked, we hoped, we prayed, we drove. 

Ugh, I just feel so sick to my tummy.

My mom had made three aprons for me, my mother in law, and my sister in law. I had mailed my mother in law hers. Earlier on Sunday, I had looked up my sister in law's address and stuck it onto the box with the letter and the apron, and was going to mail it the next day. I didn't have any good excuses. I had had the apron since August. I didn't even tell her about the apron because I wanted to surprise her. 

Ugh, I just feel so sick to my tummy.

When we were looking at houses, we bought based on family. I bought it based on my vision of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the other holidays. I thought about how it would fit everyone when they came. I had written my sister in law, and my in laws about Thanksgiving. Yes, I was already thinking about it. We haven't had Thanksgiving together in quite a while now, and I had envisioned me and the kids doing crafts downstairs while their parents slept in upstairs. I had envisioned me making breakfast, and the streams of smells wafting upstairs, and waking everyone up. I had envisioned board games in the kitchen, while we all visited, with food aplenty.

It sucks to not have these things come to fruition. It really does.

But one thing has been incredible, and it's the love and support of friends and families. It's the I love yous. It's the taking time to sit down and talk. It's the slow down, and tell you that you are a gift to my life. It's the compliment that I will tell you right now because I don't know if we have tomorrow. It's the love that I have for you that I want you to know. It's the hugs because you are loved.

It's so easy, and yet, we don't do it enough. But this week, I have felt it thoroughly, and I want to keep it going. I want to give of my love freely.


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  1. You were (and are) a wonderful sister for Michelle, Kaolee. I love that you had put so much thought into your families traditions in your new home. I know there will still be lots of loving memories made there.


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