A Season of Babies

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Looking back in my life, there has been so many seasons. There is the season of late hours writing papers, working on projects with my classmates, giving presentations in class. There is the season of Beta Alpha Psi (accounting fraternity), going to recruiting events, participating in career workshops. There is the season of long, long hours working, learning how to audit, staying up late to cram in CPA studying sessions. There is the season of work trips, teaching staffs, answering client emails.

Then here we are. The season of running around with a toddler, cuddling, kisses on boo-boos. 

There are long days that never seem to end. There are days that we have so much fun, I never want it to end. There are breakdowns in grocery stores. There are days that I smile proudly as he cooperates. No two days are a like, and when I think I have just figured this one out, he changes and I have to learn yet again to change how I approach things with him. 

This is my reality right now. And the realities of many of my girlfriends. And some days, I admit that I look forward to what's next, when he won't be so small anymore, when he will be able to converse with me, when he will be able to take long road trips without tears, when he will start playing sports, and (gasp!) when he gets married. 

And then I think back to all those other seasons before, and how long ago they seem! How short that period was, and how hard some of those experiences were, but yet they passed, and I'm so glad I got to learn from them and grow from them.

This season will pass just as fast as those before, and will I have felt like I have given it all? Will I felt like I enjoyed it enough? There are some regrets for sure during my college years and my working years. There are things I wished I had done, and I wished we had done. And I don't want that for this season. Because though we can do some of those things that we weren't able to do, this little guy of mine (and little girl of mine) will be grown before I blink my eyes. 

Not everyday will be sunshine and butterflies, and not everyday will always be excitement and adventure, but I'm recommitting myself to living with this season. 


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