My Village

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A part of me knew that we were not going to be in Georgia forever, but I didn't realize that when I started staying home, we wouldn't be in Georgia. I went to college in Georgia, had family there, and I especially loved my wards there. I thought that when I started staying home, I would have this network of women that I knew, and we'd live happily ever after. 

Well, life has a way of throwing surprises in your life. The truth was that it was a blessing in disguise, although I wasn't sure at first. 

We were actually in another area before we settled here. I was able to get to know two women in our church, and we got together quite often. I knew it was temporary, but I fully embraced having these two women in my life. I needed them more than anything. Since settling here, I haven't seen them as often, but I keep up with them on social media, and try to make time to see them when I am in the area.

When we moved to this area, I was really nervous. At first, it seemed like all the women in our church were really busy with their own lives, or maybe they were all hanging out with each other without me. I wasn't sure. When we moved in, there was an influx of new move-ins, and I soon discovered that us all newbies were in the same boat. We were all trying to figure out the dynamics of our church, and the women. I've since made more friends, and I'm ever so grateful.

Staying at home is isolating. Especially when you're pregnant, and your energy level is a negative 100. I'm so grateful for this group of women, and for their openness, and their love, despite all my imperfections. They have provided so much support, encouragement and love. I'm amazed not only at what they do for their families, but also for the families around them. 

I consider all these women and their families a part of my village. I want to add to my village, because it really does take a village, not only to care for my babies, but also to care for myself because I need it too.

How is your village? 


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