tacoma, washington

Monday, August 15, 2016

This past weekend, we went up to Tacoma for Brandon's bike ride for cancer. I had contemplated going with him, and was still making up my mind up until the last minute. We had family in town, and a wedding, and it would have simply been easier to just stay home, but Brandon had been out of town a couple of days beforehand, so the thought of running around with Mason for a few more days did not sound very alluring. Not to mention that the temperature around here has been in the 90s! And that is not very fun for a pregnant woman. 

So when Brandon landed, I called him and told him that we are packing our stuff, and coming with him. And I sure am glad that we did since we had a lot of fun. Since his ride was an 85-miler or 100-miler (he ended up doing the 85-miler), I knew it was going to take all day on Saturday so I knew we needed an activity for Mason. I was hesitant being 8 months pregnant and all, and it's hard for me to catch Mason once he runs off, but I had heard great things about Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

So off we went! And I'm so glad that we did! He loved the aquarium and all the fishes. He would see the larger fishes, and just kept yelling "Big Fish" and then he heard some of the kids saying shark, and he started saying "Shark." And he would just squeal and scream at the fishes. It was so so so fun to experience it through his eyes, and I finally realize why all these other parents are here with their screaming kids. Seeing your kids get excited is so so so worth it! He would walk off by himself from station to station. He wouldn't always go up to the glass to touch it since he was a little scared, and I don't think he fully comprehend that they were behind glass. It was just the cutest thing in the whole wide world. I finally had to wrangle him away so he could have some food before he got too hangry, but I'm sure he would have not minded walking around for another hour or so looking at all the fishes. 

When Mason and I were driving to the zoo & aquarium, we took Ruston Way, and I was driving right beside the water, and saw all these cool restaurants. There was a trail right there beside the water, and there were lots of walkers and runners. There were nice shade around so I knew that we had to come back. 

Apparently, Mason was super terrified of the boardwalk. He was very careful not to walk on the cracks, and then he just was wanting Brandon to hold him. It was funny to see how scared he was. I guess the cracks probably look super big to him, and he probably thought he would have fell right through them. Silly boy!

The weather was warm, but with the breeze from the water, it was spectacular. I just love the water, and the calmness on that day. There were benches along the way, and gosh, how I wished I lived near there. I would come out and walk it everyday. 

He loved climbing on these neat shells. He is such a boy sometimes! I'm excited to see how our little girl will do, and whether she is going to be like her brother.

One of Mason's favorite things to do whenever he is close to water is to throw rocks in the water. He was walking around, trying to find all the rocks that he could so he could toss it in. 

And of course, Daddy gets to carry him back to the car. Did I mention I left the stroller at home? We had to pack Brandon's bike and so although I saw it as we headed out, I figure we would manage. And we did. Although it would be nice to get an umbrella stroller since I left ours with my brother in Wisconsin last summer. 

Anyways, this is our last weekend away from home before the baby. The next several weekends will be preparing for baby, and resting. Thanks for reading!


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