First in Flight

Monday, June 1, 2015

New Zealand apparently has beautiful waterfalls so I'm earmarking that for another place that I want to visit. We did see a waterfall on our way back to Washington. Mason was getting tired of his carseat so it was a good opportunity to get him out before the rest of the way home.

The longer that I am in Washington, the more that I love it. There is water everywhere, and the greenery never ends. Hence, the Evergreen State.

On another note, I did change our license plate to our Washington plate (finally!). It's so nice and new, and makes me want to go get my car washed ASAP. I miss a garage, and I miss a clean car. The Washington plate reminds me of the North Carolina plate because of the colors. Every time I see a Washington plate from afar, I always am thinking it's a North Carolina plate. First in Flight right? ;)


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