Flashback Friday

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I figure that I would start a new series, and this one is not about the present or future, but about the past. A long time ago when I used to run, I blogged about my running. Blogging was still really new, and it was really fun to connect with other people. I actually did make a friend who we are still Facebook friends. Today's post is actually from that time, and is a post that I wrote on my blog. It was about the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half-Marathon. Enjoy!

My net time was 2:04:something. I remember looking at my watch at the 10-mile mark and realizing that my goal of falling under 2 hours was just not going to happen. The hills just kept coming and my foot was hurting. When I crossed the finish line, I was very disappointed. I thought that I had trained hard enough and did my runs on hilly routes. Then all of a sudden, this. It was just not right, but I realize that 13.1 in 2:04 is a great feat. I should be thankful that I'm able to run. So here's a short recap.

The morning was cold, but I timed getting to the start perfectly. I got to my corral with about 15 minutes to spare and waited with everyone. Then all of a sudden, everyone started moving and I realized that after so many miles, after so many days, after so many showers, after so many stretches, here I am. I've got 13.1 miles to prove that I have been training.

I remember the first mile was 9:30. I didn't worry too much since I knew that I could make it up later. I just kept running, but not too hard since I knew that I still have a ways to go. I looked for people to pace after and once I realized that I could run a little faster, I passed him/her.

I took water only at 2 stations. I wished I had taken more water. A part of me just didn't want to stop and bother with the water, but next time I will definitely stop!

Mile 6 lasted forever. It was the end of the flatness and the beginning of the hills. At this point, I realized that I had to change my goal and accept anything slower than 2:00. Some point after this, I saw Krista! It was much needed as I have started to doubt everything and just felt down. My foot also started feeling sore, the kind of sore that you feel from standing all day. It wasn't like I was standing all day the day before. But I saw Krista and wished I had stop so we can take a picture together. I just remember seeing her and I just kept going. Then I was like, "Wait, I should have stopped. I'm sure the time difference was going to be minute!" But on I went and she must have jumped back in her car because the next thing I know, she was right beside me in her car. The right lane had been closed for the runners, but the left lane was still open. She followed me in her car for awhile until the police directed her off at which point she had to take the highway to get to the finish line. That was the last time that I saw her since traffic going into the exit was so crazy and finally when she got to the finish line, I already passed through.

I stretched out after I got some food and then I walked back to the Marta station (the train station) so I can get back to my car. My car was closer to the starting line. Since I had to wait for the train, I stretched out really well. The last thing that I wanted to do was take an ice bath so I made sure I stretched everything. On the train ride back, I realized how crazy it is for me to run from Chamblee to downtown Atlanta. I run right past Georgia State's Alderhold Building which is just plain weird. Usually I drive past there, but once a year, I run past it. Crazy thought.

Went home. Shower. Ate a little food. Missed the Lover (The boy was working today). Long Story. Made my salad. Went to friend's house. Ate great food. Came home.

I'm going to run the Atlanta Half again next year. And it's going to be faster. My little promise to myself. I'm also going to get more crowd support. Seeing someone from church there was wonderful and then seeing Krista there was awesome! It pumped me out and it just made me smile hearing someone say my name. I swear, next year I'm going to have my name on my shirt! But thank you so much Krista. You really made my day and my run. Also, thank you so much for the pictures below!





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