Waters and Mountains

Monday, June 29, 2015

I don't know if the word to use would be naive. Or maybe there is a better word. Nonetheless, I think our decision to stay in Georgia for so long was a bit of a naive one. In my little mind, the West coast, specifically Washington, was too cold for me and too dreary for me. The thought of moving here was a bit absurd for me. But when the stars aligned, and all was said, and done, and here we are - it just feels right.

I remember visiting my brother in Wisconsin 4 or 5 years ago close to Christmas time. It was very cold, and the first time I have ever seen a snow blower. We went to a local restaurant to have some egg rolls. While there, a gentleman came in to pick up an order. We got to talking with him, and somehow the conversation led to how he ended up there. Family he said.

I haven't given much thought to what he said after that until recently. It's not that Georgia wasn't close to my family, but for so long, Brandon had been away from his family, and those once every other year trips just wasn't enough anymore.

We've gotten to see Brandon's families more often already, and it has been splendid. Not only that, but the weather hasn't been the dreariness that I feared, though winter may bring that. And the waters, and the mountains. Those will have to carry me through the dreariness this winter.


Playing at Point No Point Park. What a name huh?


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