Early Morning

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The days here start really, really early. The sun is up before 5am. Around that time, Mason is usually crying out for his habitual bottle. Sometimes I get that for him. Sometimes Brandon does. Sometimes I sleep through it all, and wake up when Mason does. Sometimes I get up instead. Our current living situation is so that we have taken up two rooms with a jack and jill bathroom. If I decide to get up instead, I tip toe over to the other room, and leave the doors ajar because sometimes we put him in our bed for his first bottle of the day. And nobody enjoys an early morning wakeup call of a carpeted floor.

I spend the early morning dinking on my computer, reading this and the other. And eventually, I will hear little sounds. Or little legs kicking around blankets.

I'll walk quietly over to the door so as not to alarm him. If he's not already in our bed, I'll put him in our bed. He'll want to snuggle a little, and I'll rub his back. Sometimes he grunts, and we take turns grunting for a little while. As much as I want to stay in my robe all day, and lay there with Mason, he'll eventually get tired of laying around, and I'm forced to get ready. I'll keep all the doors open so he can wonder between the two bedrooms, and the bathroom (although I leave the shower and toilet room closed as he's taken a liking to the toilet paper roll). By the time that I'm done getting ready and getting dressed, he'll be ready to go downstairs and start playing.

And so our day starts.

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