International Rose Test Garden

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We visited the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon and it was quite the treat! The Rose Garden felt like it just kept going. There were so many beautiful roses everywhere, and in all beautiful shades. I took so many pictures of the flowers, but didn't want to bore you with all those so I just limited myself to a couple here. There is an amphitheater here. There is a nice playground for kids. There is a large field for soccer, or flag football, or whatever you need a large field for. The Garden was free. You do have to pay for parking which was plentiful. I would suggest going down close to the field for parking. At the front of the park are tennis courts, and those are all full. If you drive towards the field (at the end), you have parallel options. I'm not a very good parallel parker so I opted for a regular drive in spot. Parking is $1.60 per hour, or $4 for all day.

If you ever come to Portland, or haven't been, you must, must come here! It is absolutely gorgeous, and so beautiful here.


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