Cooking With: Spring Roll Pastry

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Growing up, my mom would spend hours and hours in the kitchen, making us all kinds of food. It was her way of showing her love, and I really appreciated it. After I got married and when I visited, my mom would make some of my favorite foods. There are too many name, but I hope to show them in this space soon.

One of my favorite dish is an appetizer and that is the egg roll. I love egg rolls, and they are best eaten when fresh. That is what my mom always said. Anytime she is cooking, she would always give us some to eat because that is the best time to enjoy them. And now, I tell Brandon that also.

Some people refer to the egg roll as the spring roll, as noted per the name of the pastry packet so you will see that used interchangeably throughout.

This dish is a bit more complicated, and takes a couple of hours between prep time and cooking time.

spring roll pastry
vermicelli noodles
ground beef
shredded cabbage
shredded carrots
egg yolk (for wrapping the spring roll pastry)
hoisin sauce
sriracha sauce
fish sauce
sweet chili sauce
vegetable oil

Dethaw your pastry by letting it sit on the counter while you prep. Cook the ground beef until done. Boil some water, and take that off the heat and stick your vermicelli noodles in it. Once the noodles turn clear, they are done. Drain the noodles and mix that in with your cooked ground beef. Add in the shredded cabbage and the shredded carrots. Stir well so that you have an even composition of ingredients. Add in the eggs. I added 2 eggs. Add the hoisin sauce, sriracha sauce and fish sauce. Add as much or little as you like. I typically like to smell the bowl and use that as my guideline to whether I need more of something or not. If anything, steer on the side of less as the less gooey your filling, the easier it is to roll, and the less likely your pastry will break.

Your pastry should be thawed out now, and you can take them apart without tearing it. If the pastry starts to tear, just slowly ease inch by inch. I like to separate all the pastry first before I actually roll my egg rolls. Put a little less than a 1/4 cup filling in the middle of your pastry. Roll one corner over the filling while pulling opposite corners to meet in the middle to cover the filling from coming out. Roll through, and put some egg yolk on the last corner to seal the egg roll.

Once you have them all rolled, it's time to cook them. I boil mine in a deep pot with vegetable oil, enough so that once the egg rolls are done, they float. I don't time them but wait until they are a nice light brown color. Once cooked, dip in the sweet chili sauce, and eat.



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