Flashback Friday

Friday, July 24, 2015

Growing up, we never had a dog, or cat. I had always wanted a dog, but money was tight, and we didn't have money to feed another mouth. The idea of a pet was also foreign to my parents. The idea that we would have an animal in the house just for the pleasure of having one was unknown to them. 

However, we did have a pet rooster once a long time ago. We didn't eventually eat this rooster. We kept this rooster solely for the pleasure of having him.

I lived in California for a period of time. We were in Fresno, living in an apartment where there was also a huge number of Hmong people living there. The manager there was Hmong as well. Behind our apartment was a canal of such width that one would not be able to cross or jump without a bridge. One day, my brother was walking along the canal when out of nowhere a rooster flew across the canal. Amazed, he took that as a sign and brought the rooster home.

From that day forth, the rooster became our pet. Since we lived in an apartment, the rooster was kept inside. We don't wear shoes inside our home, and my mom was very neat, so I don't recall the sanitation situation, but I would suspect that my mom was very busy cleaning up after this rooster. 

We loved our rooster, and was excited to have a pet, as uncommon as this was.

At some point, we moved to North Carolina, and our rooster came with us. This was a cross country trip, and the rooster rode in my dad's white van. My dad put newspaper on the van floor and the rooster took this long trip gracefully. 

Once in North Carolina, we stayed with my aunt and uncle, and they had a chicken coop and so our rooster accompanied other chickens and roosters. There were animals that would come at night and tried to find food. Sadly, one night, our rooster got scratched up pretty bad. I recall my brother washing our rooster's scratches and trying to clean him up.

At that point, he was getting old, and he was not able to heal from his wounds, and would die some short time later. We never had another pet ever again.


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