Flashback Friday

Friday, July 3, 2015

In middle school, we lived in a house that was beside a large red brick building. The building sat back further from the street then our house, and in our yard, we would spend all afternoon and evening kicking the ball against the brick wall. Oh how nice that yard was!

It was flat, and we would play long, Sunday games of kickball. There was enough room for three bases, and we would play until the sun was too tired. And soccer. That was very big in our family growing up, so we would split up the kids, and play soccer. I learned how to properly kick the ball, although truth be told, I still haven't fully mastered the kick. Out there, I learned about people like Pele and Romario. 

There was honeysuckles that lined the end of our yard, and when they started popping out, my cousin and I would spend time tasting the sweetness they gave so freely. In that yard, we also had blackberries. There weren't a lot, and we cleaned them out way before they could be ripe enough.

Oh how I loved that backyard, and all the memories that were made in that backyard. Our current yard is quite a beauty too, and the land beside us currently houses two hungry calves that we visit on our way to the mailbox.

We hope you are having a good Fourth of July!


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