On Getting Lash Extensions

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I have some of the shortest, weakest lashes ever! I am always so jealous of ladies who are blessed with beautiful, thick eyelashes. Eyelashes just really help to open up your eyes and make you look more awake. I had always wanted to get them, but the price scared me quite a bit. With my budget, it isn't something that I can just make myself get.

I was out at lunch with one of my work teams, and I noticed that my coworker's lashes were absolutely long and beautiful. She has beautiful eyes, but on that day, they were especially gorgeous. I asked her if they were real (is that taboo for me to point it out?!!!). Anyways, she told me about the process, and who she used. Turns out that the girl she uses was Hmong, and was one of my friend's friend! Small world huh?! My coworker told me about the holiday special, and I thought, if I want it, now is my chance! My aunt, and another friend got extensions as well.

This particular eyelash extension technician did it out of her home. Brandon was supposed to watch Mason but was helping someone move so I had no choice but to take Mason. She was totally fine with me taking Mason, and at some point, her daughter and son actually helped watch Mason. When I got there, we talked about what I wanted, and I told her that since I worked in the corporate world, I don't want anything too dramatic. The 12s was the shortest so I asked for the 13s. She has an Instagram page so I looked at some pictures just to get an idea. I laid on a massage looking table on my back and closed my eyes while she put the lashes on. Since this was before Christmas, she had asked me what music I wanted, and I asked for Christmas music. I think she must have thought that was a little odd, me being Hmong and all, but I love Christmas! Anyways, the process was totally painless. However, it did take 3 hours. That time passed by really quick. It was super calming and relaxing though, so calm that I think I may have fallen asleep at some point!

My lashes lasted for maybe 4 weeks, and then it started going all crazy on me. The technician gave me a brush, and advised me to brush it daily but I wasn't the most diligent, and once the lashes got a little crazy, there was no helping it. After about 3 weeks, a few of them started turning in weird directions which didn't bothered me too much, but Brandon was constantly reminding me to brush them out. I did love them very much, and it meant that I didn't have to put mascara on, or remove all that mascara at the end of the night; however, there were a few things that annoyed me about them.

First, I couldn't wear my sunglasses! I don't have a very high nose bridge so when I wear my sunglasses (or glasses), my extensions would hit my glasses and it was absolutely annoying. My sunglasses would have to be at the very tip of my nose, and almost falling off. It was ideal at all. I know, boohoo, complaining! Secondly, I hate not being able to just stand under the shower, lashes and all. I had to remember to be careful when washing my face, and taking off my makeup. You can't use oil makeup cleanser which wasn't an issue for me, but if you wear waterproof liners, you may prefer oil makeup cleanser which can mess with the glue and cause your extensions to fall. Third, since my eye shapes are not symmetrical, they did not look even with the lashes. My left eyelashes curl upward but because my right eye is more hooded, my lashes on that eye tends to go down more so with the extensions, this issue was exacerbated. I had brought this up to my technician's attention, but I don't think she understood until I pointed it out to her. Looking back, I definitely feel like she should have addressed this sooner. She was going to charge me extra to try and fix it, but I honestly didn't want to spend more money on something that I felt was something she should have noticed. She said that she had never experienced this with anyone else. Lastly, the growing out phase is so freaking annoying. As the lashes fall out, my eyelashes looked weird with the long extensions coupled with my short, skimpy ones. And although my lashes went back to normal, I did feel like the extensions made my lashes a bit skimpier and weaker right after the extensions fell out.

Overall verdict, I think this would be great for vacation or a special occasion, but for myself, I prefer my real lashes, weak and tiny as they are!

Have you tried extensions, and if so, how did you like them?

Thanks for reading!


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