Week 2/2 - Meal Planning

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Last Saturday, Brandon and I went to the store to get groceries so that we could meal plan for the week. We had wanted to have a decent dinner every weeknight; however, due to work, we only had two nights of decent dinners. Here's what we bought:

The recipe called for dried mushrooms, but we just used regular fresh mushrooms. I do still want to try the dried ones as they sounded and looked interesting.

This dish is similar to the Korean dish; however, underneath all that goodness was cauliflower. I wasn't too fond of all the cauliflower; it just felt like I was eating rabbit food. You don't get all the carbs by eating the cauliflower, but I'll take my carbs and eat this with rice next time.

Do you meal plan? And if you do, do you have any meal planning hacks?

Thanks for reading!


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