Breakers Korean BBQ & Grill

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Before I left Georgia, I went with two of my best girlfriends to a new Korean BBQ restaurant in town, Breakers. I had seen the billboard on my way home from work, and was very interested. I knew I wouldn't get some Korean BBQ for a while so I was very excited to go. The restaurant is inside the same shopping center as David's Bridal. One of my girlfriends got her dress from there, so I had been in that plaza before.

Inside, the restaurant is a lot fancier than most Korean BBQ restaurants. We were told that the BBQ grill have vents that pull the smoke in so that you won't smell like cooked meats afterward. If you've ever gone to Honey Pig, you know what I mean! Our waiter was very pleasant. He said that he had worked at Honey Pig, and most of the employees came from other local Korean restaurants.

We put in one chicken and two beef orders. There is pork, and scallops, and tofu as well. They fancied up the tofu by calling it tofu steak. Sneaky huh?

 They started us with a squash soup, which seems very random for what we were about to eat. Also, this is more fall than winter in my opinion.

The soup was followed by the salad, which is more of a summer salad to me, and also a bit inappropriate at a Korean restaurant. But maybe that is just me??? 

I've seen more side dishes but these were nice with our meal.

Korean salad.

The chicken was amazing! I have never had chicken this delicious. It was seasoned perfectly so if you go, I definitely recommend the chicken. The beef was a little too chewy, but I love beef so I won't complain too much.

Overall, this place was very good! It doesn't have the typical Korean BBQ feel though if you are looking for that. Definitely order the chicken! Looking back at these pictures makes me miss Georgia so much!


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