Mason's First Airplane Ride

Monday, March 2, 2015

We were really worry about flying with Mason. I hate making a ruckus, and disturbing others so I didn't want to do that on the plane. And without knowing how Mason would be like, I was worried that we would be in for an unpleasant plane ride. One of my girlfriends suggested feeding him when we were going up, and also when we were getting close to landing so the air pressure wouldn't cause him any problems. We did that, and he did really well. He slept for a lot of the plane ride. When he was up, he looked around, looked out on the window, smiled at our neighbors, and the flight attendants. He loved the lights above. I changed him two times in the bathroom, and boy! are those bathrooms small, especially when you now have to change a baby! Mason's not super long so he was comfortable while I changed him, but I am not sure how other parents do it!

One of my favorite moments was him sleeping in my arms. He was just so peaceful. I love this little guy so, so much!

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