Where's Wally?

Monday, March 9, 2015

We have packed up and moved across the Coast! We are still transitioning and I'm definitely longing for a permanent home at this point. We have moved as many years as we have been married, and I'm ready to put down some roots, have a little home, and work on the life that I want for my family! We will be closer to Brandon's family so I'm super stoked for him to get more time with his family, as well as for Mason to get some quality time with them.

Our move was very sudden, and so we are learning each and every day as obstacles creep up. I'm still finishing up some things for work, and balancing that with Brandon's work, Mason, and the time change has been challenging but we have had the best host that one can possibly ask for. God is great and his blessings have been forthcoming during this very unstable time.

Brandon is enjoying his work and we are very blessed for this opportunity for him.

Love you all!


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  1. Love you!!! So glad you moved closer... I'm excited to spend more time with you guys. :) it's gonna be fun!!!!


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